International Trade in the field of Chinese Business

Offered by Zhejiang Gongshang University
Teaching language English
Degree Master's degree
Duration 2 years
Start date 2022 autumn
Tuition fee CNY25000/Y
Application fee 400 (RMB) / 70 (USD)
  • Course Overview
  • Program advantages
  • Entry requirements
  • How to apply
  • The program consists of the main courses of Business Chinese, Chinese Economy, Chinese History, Chinese Culture, China’s Policy of Foreign Trade.

    Educational System and Degree

    Any qualified students will be granted Bachelor degree of Arts in the subject of Chinese Language and Literature in the field of Business Chinese. A flexible educational system is adopted, under which students could graduate within three to eight years, normally four years.

    Main courses

    Chinese Language courses: Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening, Spoken Chinese, Chinese Reading, Chinese Writing.

    Professional courses: Comprehensive Business Chinese, Spoken Business Chinese, Learning Business Chinese through Video and Audio, Business Chinese Reading, International Marketing, Economic Practical Writing, International Trade Practice, International Business Negotiation, and Chinese Culture and Society.

    Credits for graduation

    Minimum credits for graduation: 130 credits.

  • The master program of Chinese language in the field of Business Chinese is designed by Zhejiang Gongshang University for international students who has already acquired a senior middle school diploma or above. The program focuses on Business Chinese. It is aimed to equip international students with the systematic knowledge of modern Chinese and the basic knowledge and skills of business Chinese. Through four-year study, the students are expected to acquire as follows:

    lAbilities incross-cultural and business communication

    lA better understanding of China’s economy, history, culture and policy of foreign trade

    lA master of the basic methods in business, economic andtrade cooperation under cross-cultural circumstance

    lA solid foundation of Chinese language skills, especially in business communication

    Social practice

    Social practice includes enterprise visit and survey, writing of reports or thesis , professional training, and writing of graduation thesis.

  • 1. Photocopy of valid passport

    2. Bachelor/Master degree diploma (notarized version, in notarized Chinese or English translation)

    3. Bachelor/Master degree transcripts (notarized version, in notarized Chinese or English translation)

    4.Two recommendation letters

    5.Study plan (At least 800 words)

    6. Other supplementary documents (required based on applicant’s eligibility)

    Note: Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, above the age of 18, have attained a bachelor certificate.

  • >Step 1

    Submit Application Documents: prepare necessary documents and upload in CISS. 

    >Step 2

    Pay Application Fee: Application Fee can be paid online or ask your customer service executive for guidance.

    >Step 3

    Qualification Verification: CISS customer service executive will contact you immediately when receive the files, please pay attention to your e-mail or your CISS.

    >Step 4

    Admission Letter: the admission letter will be normally sent out within 10 working days after all documents are prepared well.

    JW202 Form: usually come out within one month after students get admitted.

    >Step 5

    Visa Application:

    > For those who applied for long term study (more than 6 months), students can apply for X visa with the admission letter and JW202 form.

    > For those who applied for short term study (less than 6 months), students are suggested to apply for L visa with the admission letter.

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