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Our school Confucius Institute successfully held for the first time in Belgium Students Summer Camp

July 19 - 8 1 March, our school held its first Confucius Institute Students' summer camp activities. The camp is the first organized by the Confucius Institute at my school, respectively, from seven universities in Belgium, the carefully selected 15 outstanding students to participate in this event. These students are the first to come to China, and are very eager to want to learn Chinese.

Summer camp started, my school for the students from Belgium on arrangements for the practical interesting Chinese courses, learned content in Chinese lessons for their lives after two weeks in China played no small help. Subsequently, the students also learned Chinese before and the Chinese economy and other courses, for China has made a preliminary understanding and knowledge. Hangzhou week, our school organized student volunteers to accompany them, and they were to experience traditional Chinese martial arts, take them to visit the Tea Museum, learn Chinese tea culture for thousands of years. More importantly, they met many Chinese small partners, established a deep friendship with each other.

Beijing in the week, the students at the Beijing University of Chinese culture courses to learn, to understand the Tang, Song, four masterpieces, knew the Chinese porcelain, drama, folk art and so on. They also visited the National Museum and the Capital Museum, and more intuitive for Chinese history and culture and the arts for thousands of years in Beijing have a deeper understanding and knowledge. Students also visited the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and other attractions to experience Chinese history and culture.

I hope that through the Confucius Institute school successfully hosting the camp, so that more young people understand the Chinese culture in Belgium, so that more people come into our Belgian Confucius Institute. Summer camp students have said that, although only a short period of two weeks, they've fallen in love with China, fell in love with Hangzhou, fell in love with Beijing, and full of precious memories harvest.

Confucius Institute in cooperation with our school organized by the University of West Flanders in Belgium inaugurated April 19, 2012 in Bruges, Belgium. Confucius Institute founded more than three years, through the joint efforts of the two schools, Confucius Institutes have made significant achievements. Confucius Institute has done a lot of work in Chinese language teaching and cultural promotion, etc., for the international promotion of Chinese language and Chinese culture spread to make a positive contribution. Meanwhile, according to local people like the Confucius Institute features arts and culture, carry out a variety of language and cultural activities. After more than three years of practice, it has formed a series of Chinese cultural projects with regional specialties, such as the Spring Festival, Chinese calligraphy exhibition, the Confucius Institute and Japan.





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