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Rector of HOWEST, University College West Flanders Visited ZJSU


On 4th December, Lode de Geyter, Rector of HOWEST  and D'hulster Frederik, Vice Rector of HOWEST visited ZJSU. President Chen  Shoucan, Vice President Dai Wenzhan, Director of International Office and both  Chinese and Belgium Dean of Confucius Institute attended the  meeting.

President Chen first addressed a speech and  expressed warm welcome to the visitors. Rector Lode delivered exciting news that  the Confucius Institute co-established by HOWEST and ZJSU was nominated as  “Confucius Institute of the Year”, himself as Advanced Individual, and was  invited to Shanghai for the award ceremony of World Confucius Institute  Conference. The two sides looked back to the memorable days when they worked  jointly to set up Confucius Institute and the achievements have made so far. In  addition, the two sides reached a consensus on further construction and  development of Confucius Institute. The presidents also spoke highly of the  exchanges and cooperation between two schools in recent years, and expressed the  aspiration for expanding them.

ZJSU started cooperation with HOWEST in  2010. The teachers and students of two sides both enjoyed the exchanges and  cooperation. ZJSU has sent about more than 50 students to HOWEST and HOWEST also  has sent around 200 students to ZJSU for short or long term exchanges.  Meanwhile, dozens of leaders and teachers of the two sides have paid mutual  visits.

On April 19th, the Confucius Institute was  established in Brugge by joint efforts of ZJSU and HOWEST. Over the past three  years, the Confucius Institute has achieved great success under the support of  Office of Chinese Language Council International and guidance of Zhejiang Bureau  of Education. So far, the largest HSK test site has been set up in Confucius  Institute. In 2014, Confucius Institute specially undertook culture training for  the purpose of welcoming Chinese President Xi Jinping to Belgium. Meanwhile,  Confucius Institute conducted various language and culture activities according  to local people’s interest. Currently, a series of Chinese culture programs has  taken shape, such as Spring Festival Gala, Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition,  Confucius Institute Day etc. It also enlarges the influence of Confucius  Institute by holding summer camp of Belgian University  students.

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